Live. Vayechi.

here’s my lil two sense :

The name of this week’s parsha = “And he lived ”
Basically we are concluding the entire book of Genesis this shabbat which is exciting. at the end of a sefar/book we usually say “chazzak , chazzak”.
Which means “strength , strength”…
Keep going … keep learning… keep searching for Hashem’s will.. keep trying to align your own self will with the Ultimate Creators will and plan. .. you are doing great don’t get distracted by your dark thoughts … look to your creator above you for inspiration but keep your feet on the ground and be physical. do physical things.. Hashem had no hands but ours… keep going …

So at the beginning of Beresheis we have the start of creation itself as well as Adam + Eve and the concept of light and darkness.. there is so much to learn just from the formation of man alone ..then we learn about the sin of man .. and the downward spiral away from pure holy spiritual absorption all the way into total physical human-experiencess…

Toward the end of Beresheis/Genesis we are introduced to the time in OUR very own story that is the start of exile. Our exile doesn’t only translate into an ancient story of slavery. It also means to be a slave to ourselves , to our anger, insecurities, confusions, inability to.make a decision, chase for the dollar, false goals of building a physical bank account and ignoring the spiritual bank account , intermarriage , lack of communication, low self esteem, the illusion of lonliness, depression, anxiety , missed opportunities and so on…

but this Parsha tells us ” And He Lived”… Referring to our Patriarch Yaakov/Jacob Avinu … he was sent into the Golut/ exile as described above and still chose Hashem’s will. He didn’t choose intermarriage. He didn’t forego his belief system. He lived a Yiddishe proud life despite the reality of his surroundings (physical Egypt and spiritual egypt). He aligned his will with *Creator* and here we are today. Still choosing life. Still searching for truth, for our father in heaven.

The Jew LIVED. Here we are in 2017/5777 living. We are reminded when we daven from the order of prayers in our prayer book how profound our elders were in their expression of yiddishkeit. Because we are literally their descendants we have the ability to live and thrive beyond all boundaries and live.

Have a gut shabbos holy sisters.

Chazzak Chazzak.

Liba Rivkah
Candle lighting is 4:33pm.

~please excuse typos as these posts are a stream of consciousness flow style~


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