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I once heard someone say that “jealousy comes from counting others’ blessings instead of our own!”.  So here I am, narrating my lifestyle, building a brand, one blessing at a time.  It is my intention to sustain a sense of vulnerability, while saturated in gratitude.  I really am in love with the spiritual nature of our human experience, and it is my hope that we connect(KARMA) to bring this awakening to life(WAVES)!
I am grateful to have a platform and an audience to share these blessings with. I invite you to extend the ” blessingsrollcall  check in” and use hashtag #BLESSINGSROLLCALL on Twitter,FB,&IG.

A lil more about me….

If you leave me unattended I will double dip my spoon in the honey jar…If you leave a wall unattended I will find an opportune time to go upside down… I live my life according to the phases of the moon…I check the waves daily and love sand in my toes…I write… I meditate… I hoard books…sometimes I talk too much, and when I can’t grab at my words quick enought I’ll grab the closest song lyric..I am the captain of the hug-squad and I know we are all here to love and be loved. I believe the joy is in the journey.

I started my journey as a yoga instructor in 2011. I received my first Vinyasa certification, with the Good Folks at Revolution Yoga. I have since become a BabyMoon Prenatal Yoga instructor as well as a Childbirth Labor Doula. I have studied with great matriarchs of our time and aspire to be exactly that- a great matriarch of our time! I recently added Reiki into my practice, and will be receiving my Restorative Yoga Certification in March.

It is with gratitude for the breath in my body that I seek to be of service in my daily 24’s. I am humbled by the sacred human experience; the healing potential of our bodies, and the intimate relationship between birth and death.

I am a student of yoga offering Prenatal Yoga and childbirth labor support for MotherBaby, serving Long Island & the Queens area of NY.  I am a very proud member of the Long Island Doula Association.
IG @karmawaves
Twitter @KarmawavesIMG_20130905_165024 IMG_20130905_165304 Screenshot_2013-09-05-16-36-03323272_399064710150658_901419650_o - Copy308034_494578563932605_748603261_n - Copy549056_516155851774876_1034500348_n530669_476236705766791_1856019001_n - Copyinfographic1_continuous-support-225x300385206_489219891135139_846983318_n557582_491418560915272_1339842319_n - Copy523046_443827285654362_1217309077_n - Copychakra-meditation-spiral408664_439418546095236_1844586068_n - Copyprenatal-yogawpid-IMAG1369.jpg65044_459539437436518_627071606_n - Copy

6 comments on “Intention (first time at this blog? start here!)

    • Hey e. We do not know eachother. I searched Thai yoga on fb and your name came up so I friend requested ya. U said yes..and so I saw your wordpress post..My name is allie and it is nice to meet you. U can meet up with me on fb as we are already friends. 😉


  1. It was my extreme pleasure to invite Allie to our rosary group and welcome her into my home. She is such a spiritual and warm – hearted person: one who is accepting and respectful of all persons and beliefs. After we prayed and meditated, Allie led us in our practice. She shared her personal journey of practicing yoga with us and explained the benefits of the poses and most of all the breathing techniques. She is a patient teacher that guides each person through their practice with great care. We had a few people in our group that have practiced yoga before and others that have not, she has the rare gift of relating to all and making each person feel comfortable and at ease with their level of practice. She does all this with a smile and a cheerful demeanor.

    I am fortunate to have Allie as one of my instructors at Revolution Yoga, she is a gifted teacher as well as a person who radiates love and kindness. She is a model of her teachings and philosophy, someone I admire greatly, she is passionate about her profession, her energy and enlightenment are contagious. I am blessed that our paths have crossed in this life journey.

    I would highly recommend practicing with Allie if you are given the opportunity. You will come away with a feeling of loving life and all its beauty.

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  2. Hi! I see that you are following me, as I do you. Thanks!
    For my yoga blog which I think will interest you, plz follow . The is for my studio yes but is about everything like eco-fashion, art, some yoga and spiritual stuff. Thx.


  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I’m glad to know about all the love you’re putting out there in the yoga cyber world!!:) I’m looking forward to keeping up with your waxing and waning life ~ I’m ebbing and flowing along with you!;)

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