DOULA : Support for MotherBaby

As a doula, I am inspired to complete the circle of support for MotherBaby.

It is my hope to be able to support mamas here with a list of resources.

I offer prenatal yoga and labor support on Long Island and in the Queens area of NY.  I am a very proud member of the Long Island Doula Association.

  • Benefits of Yoga for Birth:
Increases focus and deepened ability to concentrate
Soothes anxiety, reduced stress, balances your energy
Increased confidence and self esteem
Enhances breathing control
Helps you maintain your birthing rhythm calmly
Better oxygen flow during pregnancy and birth
Your Body:
Adds flexibility
It helps you relax and keep your energy expenditure and levels during birth
Improves circulation
Adds balanced strengthening of the pelvic floor and uterus
Helps in stabilization of the SI joints. (ligaments in the pelvic bones)
Increases overall muscle strength and tone
Helps balance hormones
CLICK THIS cute lil paragraph for a collective list that will come up on your facebook feed… featuring healthy, informative, creative childbirth educators,experienced mamas, and all things childbirth related. If you are interested in reading about birth ,childbirth choices and birth dialogue this is the list for you!

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